Genetic Data Analysis for Plant and Animal Breeding

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Arthur Gilmour visited NC State University and gave a seminar on May 6, 2019.

Errata (click here to see a list of errors in the book discovered with corrections).

NOTE on using the Synbreed package for some chapters: The synbreed package was archived on 02/2020. The reason for this was one of the major dependencies, the regress package is not available.  The synbreed package developers are working on an alternative.

You may still be able to run synbreed on R 3.5 version and manually downloading the synbreed package version 0.12-9.tar.gz from here:


Data samples used in the chapters


ASReml, SAS and R codes used in the chapters

For the exercises, use the following R script to install the required packages.

Chapter01    Chapter02     Chapter03     Chapter04

Chapter05    Chapter06     Chapter07    Chapter08

Chapter09    Chapter10     Chapter11     Chapter12



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