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Graduate courses taught

Advanced Topics in Quantitative Genetics and Breeding (FOR-ANS-CS 726):

Topics in genetics pertinent to population improvement for quantitative and categorical traits with special applications to plant and animal breeding. DNA markers – phenotype associations. The theory and application of linear mixed models, genomic selection using maximum likelihood and Bayesian approaches. Pedigree and construction of genomic relationships matrices from DNA markers and application in plant and animal breeding.

Co-teachers: James Holland (Guest lecturer, maize geneticist), Christian Maltecca (Animal geneticist). The course is offered in the fall semester in even years.

Quantitative Forest Genetics Methods (FOR-728):

Applications of quantitative genetic methods in forest tree breeding, genetic data analysis, experimental and mating designs in forest trees. The course is offered in odd years in the spring semester.
Co-teachers: Juan Acosta and Gary Hodge

Some course notes and SAS programming codes for genetic data analysis