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As NC parks re-open, officials tackle new challenges

This article features Lincoln discussing some of the challenges parks face as the attempt to re-open during the COVID-19 pandemic – and the consequences that...

Citizen Science for All!

Check out our research team’s video highlighting the value of inclusive citizen science, part of the STEM for All Multiplex Initiative:

Wildlife adapts to human-impacted habitat

Some of our research and insights related to human-wildlife conflict was discussed in this story on Mongabay: Chimps in Sierra Leone adapt to human-impacted habitats,...

Can parks help cities fight crime?

Our article in The Conversation highlights the impacts of parks and green space on crime in cities: The same study was featured in other...

Efforts grow to broaden base of support for conservation

Here’s a blog post on The Conversation that discusses how our work is informing the future of wildlife conservation funding: