NC State
Lokendra Pal

Testing Services

  1. Surface, optical, mechanical, and structural testing of paper and boards, films, composite materials
  2. Polymers and coatings testing: solids, density, pH, viscosity, surface tension, particle size, water retention, melt-flow index, flowability tests (Carr’s index), coat weight, thickness, etc.
  3. Release tests: Si coat weight (X-ray fluorescence analyzer), extraction, release/curing tests, dimensional stability, adhesion tests
  4. Barrier tests: 3M Kit test (Tappi T559), Turpentine test (Tappi T454), Hot Mazola Oil test, Pet-Food test, RP (Ralston-Purina) test, Oxygen Transmission Rate (OX-TRAN and OPTECH testers), Water Transmission Rate (PERMATRAN-W tester), Water absorption, HST, Porosity, Contact Angle, Surface Energy, etc.
  5. Printability analysis of digital prints (dye and pigment-based production inkjet, dry toners, and liquid toners (Indigo) systems)
  6. Assessment of print product recyclability – deinkability testing
  7. Pilot-scale papermaking, coating and testing