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Conducting Canada goose research in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Population ecology and management of big game species and predators, habitat use and selection of big game species and predators, interactions of predators and prey, and sexual segregation and resource partitioning in ungulates, animal damage, reptile and amphibian surveys, reptile and amphibian habitat requirements, wildlife and zoonotic diseases, and wildlife education.

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  • Beard, A. W., R. G. Maggi, S. Kennedy-Stoskopf, N. A. Cherry, M. R. Sandfoss, C. S. DePerno, and E. B. Breitschwerdt.  2011.  Bartonella spp. in feral pigs, southeastern United States. Emerging Infectious Diseases 17:893-895.  Highlighted in Natural Unseen Hazards Blog (

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