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My Courses:

Online Environmental Monitoring and Analysis (EA 504). 3hrs. Distance education, online graduate courses as part of the online Master’s of Environmental Assessment. Offered every summer.

Environmental Monitoring and Analysis (ET 310).  3 hrs. Fundamental review of concepts and methods to design an environmental monitoring study. Offered every spring.

Past Courses.

Practice of Environmental Technology (ET 460). 2003-2019
3 hrs. 
Capstone undergraduate course for Environmental Technology. Offered every spring.

Environmental Forensics (ET 470). 3 hrs. 2005-2015
Student-driven investigations of contaminant source delineation at a specific field site.  Offered in Fall every other year. (2005-2015).

Assessment of Lands for Biomass and Bioenergy (ET 255). 3 hrs.  2012-2016
Online, team-taught course for Renewable Energy Assessment minor or certificate. Offered each spring (2013-2016).

Past Study Abroad.
Ecosystem Services in South Africa (NR 491/591) 2008-2009
Three week study abroad course in South Africa to evaluate services provided by managed forests, urban green spaces, and national parks.

IMAGINE: International Mentoring of Advanced Graduates for INterdisciplinary Excellence. May 2011, May 2012, June 2013.  Science that contributes to the health and well being of communities in need – Interdisciplinary Research Opportunities in South Africa, faculty participant, Please see Dr. Melissa McHale for graduate student opportunities at