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The Laboratory of Soft Materials & Green Chemistry NCSU  Members

Postdoctoral Fellows, Visiting Professors/Scientists, Research Associates

      • Ved P. Naithani, Ph.D., Research Associate, NC State University – Chemical Engineer with a specialization in forest biomass processing displaying a sound scientific approach toward chemical, enzymatic pulping, bleaching, and pretreatment of biomass for ethanol production. My current research areas include analysis of different pulp samples employing manual and auto titrations; UV, FT-IR and NMR techniques, softwood, hardwood and bamboo pulping chemistry and bleaching of pulps with different bleaching chemistries and analyzing the final product for writing, specialty, and tissue paper, Study of the formation of paper products with SEM and Paper Perfect Formation Analyzer, Wet and dry strength testing with INSTRON and ball burst testing on tissue papers, and stickie control in recycle using green chemistry. Contact: Department of Forest Biomaterials
        North Carolina State University
        Campus Box 8005
        2820 Faucette Drive
        Raleigh, NC  27695-8005
        (919) 749-0538 (phone)
        (919) 515-6302 (fax)

      Graduate Students

      • Zahra Ashrafi, Ph.D. Student – I am Zahra Ashrafi a PhD student in Fiber and Polymer Science.  I was born and raised in Esfahan, Iran. The world of textiles and my love for chemistry prompted me to pursue further research in this field at NC State University; I moved to Raleigh in Fall 2015, which is my second home now. I work with The Nonwovens Institute (NWI) and my dissertation is about Superhydrophilic-Superoleophobic Membranes for Oil-Water Separation. My interest lies in innovative product and technology development. Feel free to reach out to me to discuss science, technology and entrepreneurship. Outside of academics, I like to hike, play badminton and do gardening.
        • Contact: North Carolina State University, 431 Dan Allen Drive or Lab 3006 College of Textiles
        • Room 321 (919)-348-3574 (phone)
        • Email
          • Carolina Londono-Zuluaga, Ph.D. Student
          • Ashish Virmani, Ph.D. Student
          • Y. Zhang, Ph.D. Student
          • Philip Alarcon, M.Sc. Student

          Undergraduate Students

          •  Rachel Scroggins – I am working with Dr. Lucia and NC State representatives on passing a proposal to create a green roof garden on one of the many green roof sections of Talley Student Union. The green roof will produce fresh herbs and a small amount of vegetables that will be donated to resources on and around campus, including homeless shelters, Raleigh Rescue Mission, and potentially University Dining. Furthermore, research projects will be organized with the horticultural department in order to examine how different types of vegetation will grow under various conditions, and the effectiveness of green roof gardens will be observed. Organizations around campus, including Alpha Chi Sigma and the American Institute of Chemical Engineers Chapter at NC State, will be volunteering to help with the project, and with its creation NC State will have its first green roof garden ran solely by students.
          • Angela Hoyt –  My name is Angela Hoyt and I am an undergraduate student pursuing a degree in Chemistry. I have experience working in the NCSU general chemistry stock room and with the general and quantitative chemistry labs. I am interested in learning about sustainable solutions to reduce environmental and biological impacts. I also enjoy art and music, one of my creative outlets is singing and performing as a member of Wolfgang A Cappella. I am looking forward to working in Dr. Lucian’s lab and to expand my knowledge of green chemistry and biomaterials.

          Laboratory Visitors (Students, Postdoctoral Associates, Scholars)

          • Qianyu MA, Visiting Scholar, P.R. China – Qianyu’s research will focus on the use of extremely sensitive photoluminescence molecular assemblies for the detection of microbes on food.
          • Guohui LI, Visiting Scholar, P.R. China
          • Peng LV, Visiting Scholar, P.R. China
          • Yuan-yuan WANG, Visiting Scholar, P.R. China

          Past Laboratory Members

          • Liang (Leon) CHEN, Ph.D., Visiting Scholar, Guanxi University, P.R. China
          •  Xueyu DU, Ph.D., Postdoctoral Fellow

          Laboratory Manager

          • Ms. Beth White