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Research Interests

The majority of my research has focused on how sport, recreation, and natural outdoor environments contribute to making children and adolescents healthier. In addition to the new discipline-based knowledge generated through my projects, an equally important outcome has been the formation of a strong multidisciplinary team of researchers, practitioners, and policy makers with a shared interest in physical activity, child and adolescent health.  Below are some areas where my and my undergraduate and graduate students current research efforts are focused on

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in July 2005 with my wife Melanie.
  • Youth development, sport, and physical activity and health (see our Aspen Institute Project)
  • Outdoor environments and their influence on children’s health (see the results from our IPARK study)
  • Equity issues within sport and recreation environments (see our Health Matters project)
  • The intersection of clinical community health (see our Park Rx project)
  • Management and policies related to Community Recreation, Parks and Sport (see our Shared Use projects)
  • The legacy and role of Mega Sporting Events in promoting healthy communities (See Carnival and EventRights projects)
  • Examining Mental Health issues and strategies among Student Athletes (see ACC Project). Also see NCAA Project.
  • Relationship development between youth and adults in community-based youth programs