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Student Resources

I have compiled a list of resources for students that I hope will be useful. Included are links to sites offering internships and jobs, career advice and articles. There are also links to information relating to graduate school and research opportunities. Please contact me with any feedback as to how this site may be more useful to you. I will try to update this periodically.

The picture above is me visiting one of my student interns, Troy Crossman.
The picture above is me visiting one of my student interns, Troy Crossman.

Articles for Students

Advice for New Graduate students by Stephen Stearns

The Dead Grandmother Syndrome by Mike Adams

Group Project Advice by Barbara Oakley

Jobs and Internships

This following is designed to be a resource for students looking for practicum, internships and/or employment in the outdoor education, park and recreation or another related field.  This is primarily a resource of databases and directories, however from time to time I will post jobs that have been sent to me to advertise.

General Sites

Outdoor Recreation

Military Recreation

Public Recreation and Non-Profit

Therapeutic Recreation

Commercial Recreation

This also includes tourism and hospitality related jobs and internships.

Outdoor/Adventure Education

International Opportunities

Youth Related Jobs & Camps

Graduate School

The number of graduate opportunities in the field of park and recreation has grown. There are a number of universities that offer both master’s degrees (M.A., M.Ed. or M.S.) and doctorates (Ph.D. and Ed.D.).  Below are a select list of schools in US and Canada with outstanding programs, many of whom offer funding and graduate assistantship opportunities. Obviously I encourage interested students to pursue a graduate degree at NC State before looking at other places. There are also a large number of universities that offer sport management graduate degrees, some like NC State’s, are housed within a PRTM department, others are either in Kinesiology departments or business schools.

North Carolina State University –
University of New Hampshire –
Indiana University –
Texas A&M University –
University of Minnesota –
Ohio University –
Penn State University –
Michigan State University –
University of Illinois –
University of Florida –
University of Utah –
Clemson University –
Arizona State University –
West Virginia University –
Virginia Tech University-
University of Idaho –
Dalhousie University, Canada –
University of Waterloo, Canada –