Lavoine Research Group exploits and valorizes renewable resources for green materials design and engineering. More specifically, we aim to deepen our understanding on the structure-processing-properties relationships of renewable resources for their valorization and utilization as advanced function materials.

The overall goal is to propose sustainable and greener alternatives to petroleum-based plastics!

Part of our expertise is the extraction, characterization and utilization of cellulose nanomaterials (cellulose nanofibrils, CNFs, and cellulose nanocrystals, CNCs – more information below!), as building block model for the development of packaging substrates and coatings, stimuli-responsive materials, controlled release systems, functional porous materials, among other high-performance products and novel applications.

CNMs infographic - Lavoine Research Group - College of Natural Resources at NC State University

Feel free to have a look at our on-going research activities and published work, and to contact us if you have any questions or wish to join us!