Research Overview

Our expertise? Understanding the Structure-Processing-Properties of Renewable Nanomaterials for Design and Engineering of Advanced Functional Materials.

Our research focuses principally on:

  • Sustainable Processing and Characterization of Renewable Nanomaterials  
    • We produce cellulose nanomaterials on-site and conduct full characterization to confirm their uniform production and assess their properties.
Cellulose nanocrystal and nanfibrils - Lavoine Research Group - College of Natural Resources at NC State University
  • Coatings, Films and Packaging
    • Replacing single-use plastics is one of our main objectives. Inspired by nature, we combine and use synergistically renewable resources, across the length scale, to develop barrier coatings/films for packaging applications.
  •  Functional porous materials
    • Foams, aerogels are lightweight porous materials with enhanced performance. With controlled structure and porosity, they can be used as insulation or cushioning materials. The hierarchical oriented porous structure of trees is here our inspiration…
Porous materials