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Graduate Students

Nils with graduate students - Nils Peterson - College of Natural Resources at NC State University

Current Graduate Students


  • Jane Anderson, email:
    • Thesis: Willingness to support game and nongame conservation in North Carolina
    • Current Position: Texas A&M University Kingsville Caesar Kleberg Wildlife Research Institute Faculty
  • Kalysha Wall, email:
    • Thesis: Evaluating Efficacy of Conservation Planning in the Southeast
    • Current Position: Academic Advisor, NC State University
  • Emily Blackman, email:
    • Thesis: Agricultural Wintering Habitat as a Limiting Factor for Woodcock in the Southeast: Thirty years of Agroecosystem Change
    • Current Position: Land Protection Associate, D&R Greenway Land Trust
  • Conner Burke, email:
    • Thesis: Predicting Available Hunting Land and Hunter Density and Distribution
    • Current Position: Geospatial Analyst with Boston Consulting Group
  • Merril Cook, email:
    • Thesis: Practitioners’ insights on wildlife translocation and reintroduction
    • Current Position: NC Wildlife Resources Commission Wildlife Health Biologist
  • Michael Drake, email:
    • Thesis: Human Dimensions of Coyote Management in Human-dominated Environments
    • Current Position: Environmental Studies PhD program University of Colorado
  • Michaela Foster, email:
    • Thesis: The Role of Climate Science in Natural Resource Management Decision Making in the Southeast
    • Current Position: Forestry & Environmental Studies PhD program Yale
  • Danielle Lawson, email:
    • Dissertation: Intergenerational Transfer of Climate Change Related Knowledge and Attitudes
    • Current Position: Recreation, Park, and Tourism Management Faculty, Penn State University
  • James Garabedian, email:
    • Dissertation: Influence of Foraging Habitat on Red-cockaded Woodpecker Productivity
    • Current Position: Research Wildlife Biologist, Forest Service, Southern Research Station, Center for Forest Watershed Research
  • Meg Lawler Fratanduono, email:
    • Thesis: Accessing viability of urban biomass utilization as a green energy source
    • Current Position: Wildlife Biologist/Environmental Analyst, Lawrence Livermore National Lab
  • Kristin Frew, email:
    • Thesis: Valuation of Wildlife Species in North Carolina
    • Current Position: Environmental Educator, Atlanta Zoo
  • Maureen Hayes, email:
    • Thesis: Ecotourism and Support for Natural Resource Conservation on Andros Island, Bahamas
    • Current Position: Analyst, SAS
  • Graise Lee Jenni, email:
    • Dissertation: Exploring the dynamics of diversifying stakeholder use in Protected Areas
    • Current position: Co-founder Resolve Conservation
  • Jessica Pope Perrin:
    • Thesis: Agricultural Landowner Interest in Military Conservation Programs
    • Current position: Conservation specialist, Wake Soil and Water Conservation District
  • Shari Rodriguez, email:
  • Chris Serenari, email:
    • Dissertation: Weightless Conservation: Exploring the Rise of Large-Scale Private Protected Areas and Livelihood Change in Chile
    • Current Position: Biology Faculty, Texas State University
  • Rachel Shellabarger, email:
    • Thesis: Conservation and Human Rights Responses to Undocumented Migration in the Arizona Borderlands
    • Current Position: Environmental Studies PhD program, UC Santa Cruz
  • Kathryn Stevenson, email:
    • Dissertation: Building environmental literacy among middle school students: In-school, out-of-school,
      and psychological factors
  • Paul Taillie, email:
    • Thesis: Using Distribution and Abundance of Birds to Guide Management of Fire-maintained Forest Ecosystems
    • Current Position: Conservation Biology postdoc University of Florida
  • Rene Valdez, email:
    • Dissertation: Environmental communication and perceptions among different age groups and expertise levels
    • Current Position: Human Dimensions Specialist, Virginia Department of Game & Inland Fisheries

General information for students interested in applying to the HD lab

I usually accept students who will be connected with a specific research project. The Forestry & Environmental Resources Department has fellowship opportunities for prospective graduate students who have a truly excellent academic record. If I believe you are a strong candidate for one of these fellowships, I will contact you immediately

If you’d like to contact me to express general interest in graduate research, please do the following:

  1. Send me an email or describing your academic and professional background and why you are interested in working in my lab. Please outline your learning and research objectives as a graduate student and your professional goals.
  2. Submit an up-to-date resume.
  3. Submit a copy (unofficial is fine) of your most recent transcript or summarize your undergraduate (and graduate if you already have a graduate degree) courses and grades.
  4. Submit your GRE scores if you have taken them.

I will send you an email note acknowledging receipt of your materials, and will include it with other applications I receive, or I may contact you about an immediate opportunity. If you haven’t received an acknowledgement, send me an email.