NC State
Nils Peterson

Recent Service to Professional Societies


Human Dimensions Associate Editor for The Wildlife Society Bulletin (2012-current)

Urban Wildlife Working Group of The Wildlife Society (2009–current), President Elect (2013-current), Treasurer (2011-2013), Facebook developer and coordinator (2010–2011), Nominations committee (2011)

International Environmental Communication Association (IECA) founding member (2011–current, new organization formally started July 2011), Founding committee (2009–2011)

Southeast Section Representative, North Carolina Chapter of the Wildlife Society (2008–2012)

Executive Board Member, North Carolina Chapter of the Wildlife Society (2010)

Human Dimensions Working Group, The Wildlife Society (2008)

Recent Service to North Carolina State University

Co-advisor, NC State University Leopold Wildlife Club (TWS) (2009–2013)

Institutional Review Board for the Protection of Human Subjects in Research, North Carolina State University (2008–current)

NCSU Partnership Council (2012–current)

Departmental Advisory and Management Committee (2012–current)

College of Natural Resources Research Committee (2011–current)

International Committee, Department of Forestry & Environmental Resources (2010–current)

CNR Strategic Planning Built & Natural Environment Committee (2013-current)

Park Scholarships Selection Committee (2011)

Public Policy Task Force, North Carolina State University (2008)