The Team

Graduate students

Franklin Zambrano

Strategies for fiber reduction and application of nanocellulose in hygiene tissue

Jacob Zwilling

Nanomaterials and lignin-derived high-value applications

Amelys Brito

Life cycle analysis and sustainability of tissue products

Antonio Suárez

Sustainability, economics, and performance of biopolymers for nonwoven applications

Nikki Hensley

Consumer perception of the sustainability for tissue products

David Cruz

Catalytic upgrading of carbohydrates in waste streams to hydrocarbons

Rajnish Kumar

Alternative fibers for tissue paper and nonwoven products

Jacob Pickett

Process simulation and conversion economics for tissue products

Yali Li

Translation of global megatrends effect in the forest product industry

Ryen Frazier

Data analytics on sustainability

Matthew Hampton

Visible recyclable materials on packaging & consumer perception

Post-doctoral researchers

Yuhan Wang, Ph.D.

Ronald Márquez, Ph.D.

Past members

Camilla Abbati

Ph.D. working at Fisher International

Tiago de Assis

Ph.D. working at Kemira

Carolina Londoño

Ph.D. working at Next Century Spirits

Phoebe Chang

MSc.working at YFY

Grant Culbertson

Ph.D. & MBA working at GP

Laura Convinich

Ph.D. working at Instituto Investigaciones de Argentina

Nicolas Clauster

Ph.D. working at Instituto Investigaciones de Argentina

Bruno Kaneski

Ph.D. working at USDA Forest Product Lab

Alonzo Pifano

MSc. working at Smurfit Kappa

Robert Radickz

Ph.D. working at Scion


Damien Singh

MSc. working at Weyerhauser

Pedro Takahashi

Undergraduate working at Suzano

Gustavo Batista

Ph.D student at Universidade Federal de São Carlos, Brazil