Three Ph.D. students within the ConEcSus research group are sponsored by the National Institute of Food and Agriculture, an agency within the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA NIFA) to develop analysis for the bioeconomy by using sophisticated risk analysis tools. These students are funded through the USDA National Needs Graduate and Postgraduate Fellowship (NNF).

The focus of these student’s research projects is on Developing Expertise in Risk Analysis and Risk Management for the Bioeconomy. The students and their contact information are listed below along with their area of research.

Nikki Hensley MBA

Consumer perception of the sustainability for tissue products

Jacob Pickett

Process simulation and conversion economics for tissue products

Jacob Zwilling

Nanomaterials and lignin-derived high-value applications

Recent Publications:

Hensley, N., Brito, A., Zambrano, F., Jameel, H., Venditti, R., Kelley S., & Gonzalez, R. (2020). Is Sustainability Shaping the Hygiene Tissue Industry? Evidence from the Field. Paperfirst Mag.